Why I started writing children’s books?
Well here’s the true story. I am peach colored as my kids call it. My sweet Guatemalan baby girl was a lovely milk chocolate color and when I would walk her down the street in her stroller, people would stare at us like I had two heads. Others would come up to us and right in front of my beautiful china doll looking daughter, and would ask “Where’d ya get her?” as if she were a puppy from the pound. At that point I’m sure my daughter had no understanding that I was not her biological mother and that she was adopted. I felt an urgency to quickly create the story in order to arm her with the ammunition and information she would need down the road. I wrote Star Baby and I believe every word of it.
The second version came when I was told the first one wasn’t good enough and that I shouldn’t mention God or angels. I wasn’t having any of that but I did attempt to create a new and improved version. I still love the first version just as much.

Third book came when I was trying to raise funds for a scholarship fund for deserving students at Asher School in honor of an amazing teacher who at a very young age was battling cancer. My Boy Scott was about a dog describing how he taught Scott everything he knows. Just as an aside note, I also tried a benefit concert to raise money and sell the books. It was a total failure and I lost my shirt in the deal but contributed anyway to a scholarship fund for one of our students to attend college who was very grateful for the opportunity. My Boy Scott is currently unavailable because it is being tweaked.
The fourth book is Megger the Egger and was inspired by the amazing and wonderful students at Asher School who despite many obstacles and unfortunate circumstances, triumphed and returned to school to get a high school diploma. They were heroes in my book.
I’m working on some other books, as well, that are not only for entertainment but are meant to be juvenile self help books about overcoming fear and anger, like Megger the Egger.
I am “Mom” to 6 furry children and 2 phenomenal daughters.
I went back to college at 40 years old and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. Went back again at 45 to earn my Master’s Degree in Social work. Worked in the Cass Corridor as a social worker and then 19 years at Asher School as the social worker. I retired at 65 to return to my first career as an entertainer and at 68 became a realtor. Btw, I adopted my first infant daughter when I was 48 and my second infant daughter at 52. Crazy huh? I also taught singing lessons for over 30 years and composed, performed and produced a children’s music album with Beverly Meyer to inspire children in self help areas and to encourage parents and family members to sing together with children in a more tolerable fashion than singing Barney songs. That’s a whole ‘nother story.